Coming out to family - Part I

I'm proud to share my interview for the series 'I'm from Driftwood', where I talk about the meeting with my minister upon my coming out as transsexual in 1992.

A 'Leave it to Beaver' childhood

The labels imposed by others

Gina on Authenticity

"Miss Understood"

From 132,000 entrants in 135 countries, Gina finished in the Top 98 and competed for the 2016 World Championships in Public Speaking in Washington, DC.  

Gina represented the 6,000+ members of District #4 in Central-Northern California. The video (at right) is her District winning speech.

be authentacious ®

'Isn't authenticity like pregnancy?'

On Shame and Rejection

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Gina on coming out as LGBT

Gina on Childhood

District 4 winning speech 'Time For A Change'  (7:31)

Watch Gina..

2016 World Championships of Public Speaking - Toastmasters International

Gina on Shame and Rejection

How do you define 'be authentacious'?

Authenticity is like an oxygen mask

Is there something wrong with being

Reflections on The Church of Christ

Using humor, insight and pathos, Gina speaks to the heart of Authenticity, Overcoming Adversity, and
​what it means to be authentacious®