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What People Are Saying...

“Love Gina's presentation- 'being the hero of your own story'
​   changes everything!!”

“Gina’s presentation couldn't come at a better time in my life!

​"Eye opening. Soul Searching."

“I loved the story of your experiences. Brilliant!”

“Gina’s brutal honesty is inspirational!”

“Change your narrative, change your life' WOW!! Thank you!!” 

“This was the speech I was waiting for!"

“Wow - simply awesome. Personal to the max. Had me glued
    to my seat with tears in  my eyes”

“Unbelievably amazing. Moved me internally, completely    
​   connected to my core. Empowered me to be myself and    
   makes me want to change the world. Thank you!!” 

“Gina's presentation revealed how important stage presence
    and stage craft is!”

“Your talk about Imposter Syndrome was spot on and so

“Enjoy listening to Gina, made me think of some of my past that
 ​ has made me who I am today. I plan to be authentacious!”

“I so needed your reminders tonight. Thank you for reminding
​  me how to step into my own power”

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Change Management

Authentic Communication

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Workplace Diversity: Transgender
​  & Gender Non-Conforming

​Sales Tactics for Sole Proprietors and 
   Non-Sales Professionals

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Keynote / Breakout Session Topics

Keynote / Breakout Session Topics

Gina's unique perspective, extensive career in business, and sense of humor makes her a favorite for conferences and organizations  in need of Authentic Communications, Personal Empowerment, Change Management, Sales, or Transgender & Gender Non-Conforming issues. 

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