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Where Gina Really Began


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This isn't hyperbole, it's fact: 1 in 4 ​trans​gender and transsexual ​women are victims of physical or sexual assault, and 1 in 12 are murdered. Heaviest of all was the fear my parents might somehow blame themselves, or each other, for something neither of them had any control. It all became too much and I fell into ​depression. I attempted suicide. 

​In the immediacy of that life-altering experience, I realized regardless the cost or outcome, I was strong enough to bear it. And suicide is never the answer. I sought help for my depression, and for the treatment of Gender Dysphoria. My optimism and hope for the future soon returned. Two years later, armed with a deeper understanding of myself, of human nature, and a determination to beat the odds, I began life anew. As Gina. A woman. 

​In 2014, Gina talked publicly about her gender history for the first time in nearly twenty years. She has begun taking her message of ‘how to be authentacious®' to groups, relating how insights and strategies from her incredible life-journey can be applied by everyone seeking professional and personal growth. A rising star in the world of professional speaking, Gina Grahame has earned praise for her humor, candor, and heartfelt humanity.

From there, she co-founded a software company that specialized in mobile platform point-of-sale software for rural and emerging markets.  Gina then joined the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and oversaw the largest Career Fair in the videogame industry.

It was 1990, five years before the internet would begin to take hold. Finding information on transsexuality was limited and difficult. I was dealing with personal shame; hiding a condition most people had never heard of and exposed to only through the exploitation of daytime talk shows. I knew admitting this truth would cost me everything - my career, my family, my friends, and possibly my life. 

Gina grew up along the north border of Detroit, in the blue-collar suburbs of the 70's and '80's. A time and place where two out of three people either worked for ‘The Big 3’ auto companies (GM, Ford, and Chrysler) or for a small machine shop in support of them. 

While making sure to carve out enough time to work on my next hot rod, a 1964 Dodge Dart convertible with a 5.7 liter Hemi engine. I wish I lived closer to my parents; I sure miss those garage-time sessions together with Dad.

Where Gina Really Began

Gina 2.0 - The Reboot
In 1996, Gina launched her own boutique fashion line for tall women, becoming one of the first to do so online. She was profiled in 'Upcoming Women to Watch' on, the leading women-centric site of the day.

...except that it wasn't. The success and image I had created was, in fact, a two-dimensional veneer. Unbeknownst to anyone, I had been fighting a decades-long truth - that I, who was born male and had always lived as male, was actually female at my core. ​​

Throughout it all, Gina privately helped individuals to overcome and heal from divorce, ​personal image challenges, and relationship troubles. She became a respected mentor in the office and coach to those who reached out to her, maintaining a personal interest in helping other transsexual / transgender individuals with personal, family, and career challenges.​​

Gina Grahame lives in San Francisco and is working on her book, 'be authentacious®', set for release in 2017.

Gina has a 20+ year track record of excellence in diverse niche verticals, including:
    - Boutique fashion
    - Videogame industry (B2B)

    - Hydraulic & Pneumatic
        automation and assembly
    - Advanced manufacturing
    - High tech packaging
    - Mobile software design
    - ISP / backbone services

Her clients include Microsoft, Sony, Parker, Tencent, Electronic Arts, Ford Moter Company, Diethelm Keller Services Asia, and Deutsche Telekom.

Ours was a ‘New Testament Christian’ home. What's that?.. Well, as we would say, “it's a lot like Southern Baptist, just not as liberal”. ​I was one of those kids who actually enjoyed high school. I was varsity in basketball and track, performed with the drama club, and made National Honor Society.  All while helping Dad build my first ‘hot rod’, a 1969 Plymouth Barracuda Fastback with a 340 cubic inch engine and a 4 speed.

Gina Grahame exemplifies the indomitable spirit that lives in us all. With courage and determination, Gina envisioned and built the life that she envsioned.

How she did it and what she learned along the way—about herself and others— is a powerful lesson in rising above obstacles and being true to who you are.

In college, Gina won National awards in Persuasive Speaking. She then pursued her dream of performing and even became a celebrity look-alike. After three years of pretending to be someone else, she turned down an audition in Las Vegas, choosing instead to focus on mainstream acting. 

Over the next year Gina was featured in six B2B commercials, or 'industrials', for General Motors, Harley Davidson, Comerica Bank, and Bank of America.  She was cast as the lead in regional TV commercials for Tuffy Tire & Auto Service,  and a chain of convenience stores. She performed voice over and was featured in print ads for a variety of clothing stores, including a national ad that made it into the pages of Sports Illustrated and People Magazine. She interviewed with Elite Model Management in Chicago and toured the country as a ‘Narrating Engineer’ for Dodge Trucks. Her acting coach then arranged for her to study with two casting directors of ABC Daytime TV who encouraged her to move to New York to pursue a career in soap operas. Gina was 27 and everything was falling into place...

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