be authentacious ®

•  Pitched to VC's and secured $250k in seed funding

•  Keynote and Featured Speaker to rooms of more than 600 attendees, hosted      breakout sessions, participated in and moderated panels at tech conferences      and women’s conferences across the state and country

•  Lead actor in B2B 'Industrial' films, commercials and theatrical productions


Gina Grahame is a professional speaker with more than over 25 years of experience in most every avenue of business imaginable. 

Gina is also the creator of the ‘Stand up & Speak Out!’ Public Speaking and Communication Training Program, and the 'be authentacious'(R) Personal Empowerment program and movement.

•  Multiple national tours as a ‘narrating engineer’ for Dodge Truck Engines

Gina accomplished this first as male, and then after gender transition, as female. Gina knows first-hand how people of different genders present, communicate, are perceived and judged. This unique expertise makes her highly sought after as a corporate trainer within leadership development and sales, and as a 1:1 executive coach. ​

•  Semi-finalist in the World Championships of Public Speaking by Toastmasters
​    International

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•  Presented to executives within companies of all sizes, from tool & die shops               in Detroit to tech giants and startups in San Francisco, including Fortune 500
​   companies in technology, automotive, advanced manufacturing, banking & finance

•  Coached executives, scientists, salespeople, non-profit leaders, comedians,             aspiring speakers and politicians, activists, life coaches, and college  students to
   be more effective public speakers and communicators

Highlights of her career include:
•  National award winner in Extemporaneous Speaking from the Business
​    Professionals of America

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